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How to Increase Google Page Rank of Your Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners

As soon as you have set up your own blog, the first thing you want to know is how to make Google notice your blog and give it a great page ranking. The excitement of seeing a pretty decent Google page rank for your blog is tough to put into words. So, let us just get right to the point and start from the beginning.

What is a Google Page Rank?

According to Matt Cutts, who is the head of Webspam department, Google page rank (also known as PR) is the number and importance of links that a website / blog receives. It is always denoted as a number between 0 and 10, with 0 being the least and 10 being the most.

Why Should You Care About Google Page Rank?

Well, the reasons are many. Google tends to use page rank as an important criterion to decide how faster, how deep and often it should send the spiders to crawl your blog / site. Typically, the crawling is more favorable to sites with higher page rank, which means that a higher page rank site will be crawled more often than a comparatively lower ranking site.
Moreover, a higher page rank naturally confers higher authority and reputation to the site.

How Does Google Page Rank Relate to SEO?

We all are desperately trying to optimize our blogs and sites for the search engines and Google page rank comes in here as well. Google has always been emphasizing on providing relevant and quality results to people who use the search engine to find info on different topics.
Well, your page rank will determine how visible your blog will be to the people searching for info related to your niche. In simple words, it means that the blogs with higher page rank in a certain niche are considered to be more relevant in the eyes of Google than another blog within the same niche but with lower page rank.

When Should You Be Worried About Your Google Page Rank?

A page rank of 0 is something that seems straight out of a horror film for many bloggers and webmasters. Well, the fear of the zero is understandable as the usual tendency is to consider sites with zero page rank as spammy and low quality. But not all such sites are spam sites. It takes time and links to build your page rank, so if your blog is pretty new then obviously you are stuck for quite a while with the zero tag.

When Will Your Google Page Rank Change?

Google reviews sites on a continuous basis, but displays the results publicly approximately once in every 3/ 4 months, so that means if your blog is under 4 months of age, then you can hopefully look forward to a change in page rank soon. The last confirmed Google page rank update was on
May 3rd, 2012.  There was another update on August, 2nd, 2012, since I wrote this post.

How To Check Your Google Page Rank?

Here is a handy tool to check your blog / website page rank for free. You only need to enter your home page URL to the page rank checker tool here and you will know the results instantly.

How to Increase Google Page Rank of Your Blog?

It is possible to increase Google page rank of your blog or site if you follow a few handy tips. Make sure that you provide only valuable, high quality and non-plagiarized content on your site. Check and double check that none of the links that are pointing towards your site are purchased from link farms and that sort of shady stuff.  This is especially true post-Panda and Penguin updates by Google in April 2012.

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Page rank is dependent on relevance and reputation of the sites that link to you. So if you have a cartload of links pointing to your site, but none of them are coming from relevant / reputable sites, then say goodbye to your dreams of increasing your Google page rank. Try to get natural links from high PR sites.
Some of the best ways are to guest blog on such sites and post insightful comments on their posts. I have explained in complete detail in another post about steps to increase your page rank. Please read it to gain more information on how to increase your blog page rank.

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