Monday, 6 May 2013

6 Major Differences between Joomla & WordPress

Developing websites is not easy especially when you are not aware of the web design applications. In today’s online world, Joomla and WordPress are two renowned web design applications that are utilized by majority of websites and blogs. These applications aid designers and developers alike in creating website via open source software. While there are other CMS tools like Drupal and Typo3, the popularity of WordPress and Joomla is still on top.
But the question is how do you differentiate between these Web Design platforms? Which is better for your design needs…WordPress or Joomla? Many web designers and developers have argued over this question for several years. But the fact is that each of these web design applications has different and unique advantages for your site. Following are some of the broad difference between using WordPress and Joomla for your website or blog:

1. User-Friendliness:

From the usability perspective, WordPress is definitely more user-friendly than Joomla. This is including both the user and developer’s standpoint. Due to its convenience WordPress is simple to master and get used to. But this is mainly because Joomla provides many more features than WordPress which are advanced in functionality.

2. Flexibility:

WordPress is considered to be a better option when using as blog administering application whereas Joomla is a superior content management system (CMS). You will find that WordPress is optimum for content publishing. But Joomla in contrast provides various powerful features. Joomla offer such components that help you in targeting diverse market segments. For developers who have limited time in setting up a blog or website, WordPress is a better option. But for complex and advanced websites, Joomla is more appropriate.

3. SEO Savvy:

For a website to grow, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to its success. WordPress is renowned for its SEO benefits. When you use a WordPress based CMS for your blog or website, it will be search engine friendly your site will rank higher on Google’s search results. This is because of the in-built SEO pack that is provided in WordPress admin panel that helps your page optimize according to SEO standards. While Joomla requires some modifications in order to reap the complete advantages from various search engines. So if you rightly customize websites using Joomla, the outcomes can be comparable to WordPress. Any expert Joomla developer will design a website to be SEO friendly.

4. Integration:

Joomla has clear advantages with regards to extending and integrating the website with other third party applications of software. Joomla has a well formed and powerful API that developers can use to extend the software or integrate with other systems as required. Joomla websites can be easily integrated with other sources or websites.

5. Development of Add-ons:

In terms of Add-ons and additional features, Joomla takes the lead from WordPress. Even though modified developments can be made in both WordPress and Joomla, the latter’s development framework is more powerful for creating personalized features for websites. As a web designer and developer, you can easily develop additional features using Joomla’s development API. The API of WordPress is just not that robust as that of Joomla’s.

6. Administrative Qualities:

As already discussed, WordPress is an easy to use, and trivial CMS application. Its administration panel is very simple and accessible. You should prefer to use WordPress if your purpose is to just publish content and information. Its administration panel is restricted to updating or adding new content or media. While on the other hand, Joomla’s admin panel includes features like order management, e-commerce (Shopping cart), User management, multi-language content and more.

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